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Because when women come together, magic happens.

January 18th-23rd, 2020

Come explore the majestic Caribbean island of Barbados with The Yoga Culture. We are embarking on an unforgettable journey together, while setting our intentions for the New Year. With the most absolute to die for beaches filled with gorgeous sea life, lush landscapes, and rich culture, it will be an ongoing adventure of the island and more importantly, an adventure inward into the self. This journey will be sure to ignite your soul and nurture your adventurous spirit.

What we have plannedbook retreat

Catamaran Cruise

Come soak up all the sun rays with us on the Catamaran Cruise. The island of Barbados not only has lush landscapes, but the bluest of oceans, which is why The Yoga Culture couldn’t resist having this excursion be included in the itinerary of the retreat. Swim with the Sea turtles, enjoy as many tropical drinks on open-bar as you’d like, and a freshly made meal. Island vibes will be in full effect.

Daily Workshops/Sound baths

Join us in going back to our ancient roots with Sound meditation. Did you know that it is the most accessible form of mediation that helps open up the heart and release anxiety? For most people, it is the deepest form of meditation they have experienced. Come give it a try!

Farm to table meals

The primarily plant-based menu uses fresh ingredients including organic fruits, vegetables and dairy as well as cage-free eggs from our neighboring farms, fresh seafood caught in nearby waters and nourishing greens foraged on-island. The Yoga Culture is eager to support their local businesses and individual growers; working together with the local fishermen and farmers, who are creating a true farm and sea-to-table restaurant experience.

Handcrafted snacks and treats are available throughout the day in the eco pantry

The Lodge is also happy to prepare a picnic basket to fuel your daily adventures, and can pre-stock your fridge or prepare a special detox menu on request.


We can’t wait for you to meet us on the mat at this incredible scenic Yoga Shala


Adrenaline Pumping Adventures


Eco Lifestyle & Lodge

At ECO, caring for the environment ranks high on the agenda; the hotel is Green Globe Certified with an established recycling and composting program in place. Sustainable practices are apparent throughout the property: drinks are served with bamboo straws harvested in the garden, all water is solar-heated and only organic cleaning products are used. Guests are supplied with artisanal organic toiletries and staples such as reusable water bottles and Maryam’s homemade mosquito spray are available in the ECO Shop, as well as eco-friendly products like coral-safe sunscreens and surf wax. We’re also creating one of the only true farm-to-table restaurants on the island. 

The Yoga:

Arrive & Root, Layers, Immerse, Evolve, & Transcend

This retreat will incoporate various styles of yoga, which will carry us through the waves and rhythm of working with the inner self. The sequences will build on eachother each day, some with more gradual & gentle movements and others with a more dynamic and zealous flow. These energetic flows will be the roadmap towards anchoring down and recharging with a mindful cadence.

Meet your Yoga Instructors


Mover & Believer

Ellen is a Power Vinyasa instructor who lives in Seattle. She studied Ashtanga/Hatha in Rishikesh, India under Yogi Chetan Mahesh Ji. Ellen teaches challenging, yet accessible vinyasa classes which emphasize alignment, breath, and concentration. She believes that when you conquer challenges on your mat, you develop the strength and confidence to conquer the challenges you face off of it.


Enchanter & Visionary

Maria loves to bring her fiery and zestful spirit to the mat each day with the intention of finding out more about herself. She really loves truly working through the power of breath. Maria studied under one of the most influential yoga teachers in the Northwest, Richard Schactel, an Assessor for the B.K.S. Iyengar Yoga Association of the United States and also studied under Ritual House of Yoga located in Seattle, with teachers Linnea Jensen, Jennifer Isaacson, and Josephine Edmonson. 


Dreamer & Creator

Shan is a teacher, writer, photographer and effervescent human from the always sunny California. On and off the mat Shan loves to create and connect. Her classes are breath led movements that are deeply rooted in curiosity. She believes that the true foundation of yoga is breath and loves the idea of utilizing breath as a navigational tool.

Fresh Coconuts to be consumed


This year, Choose you.

Master of her trade & owner of Shakti Counseling. Preeya Sillan has been helping change people’s lives for over 8 years now and will be joining The Yoga Culture on this retreat!
She specializes in:

  • Stress-management
  • Self-Esteem

Her passion is helping people live joyful and fulfilling lives. As a therapist, she provides an accepting, non-judgmental space for people to look within themselves, let go of unhelpful patterns & stories and embrace who they truly are.

Preeya will leading us through a few shorter, but powerful guided meditations in the early mornings throughout our retreat, down by the ocean breeze. Her calming spirit and benevolent presence will be such an honor to have on this retreat to help us go deeper into the self and prep us for the day and rest of the year.

  • Happiness Levels 100% 100%

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