Surf into Soul

Playa Maderas, Nicaragua

May 11th-15th 2021

We are taking five days to reset and renew, while tucked away in these lush forests overlooking the pacific ocean. Our mornings will be filled with revitalizing yoga classes, surf lessons, a surprise excursion, and a Macrame Crystal Healing Workshop with the incredibly talented Lily Bates.. Surrounded by the peaceful noises of the lush forests, it will be hard to not slip into a total state of ZEN. Our nights? Well those will be spent star-gazing from the infinity deck in the treetops filled with laughter, community, music, and transformation. As always, The Yoga Culture’s journey inward will be one for the books.
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The Destination

Buena Vista Surf Club 

Buena Vista Surf Club is a secluded, six cabaña, jungle eco-lodge overlooking the surf at Playa Maderas, 8km north of San Juan Del Sur in Nicaragua. Get ready to switch off your phones, unwind and give in to the simple life surrounded by the lush forest and the pacific ocean. Stay in a private cabaña amongst the trees, share family-style meals with like-minded people, wake up to early morning yoga, followed by a surf session or just some time spent finding your muse by the oceanside.


Do you ever feel out of balance, lost, worn down, ill or just plain bitchy and in need of a break? Do you like to get crafty? Have you ever wanted macrame, but didn’t know where to begin?


Crystals and gemstones can illuminate your thoughts, wishes, emotions and dreams— they’re basically Mother Earth’s spiritual magnifying glass. Wearing crystals is the most simple and effective way of utilizing their powerful healing energies. This course led by Sol Stoned Jewelry will provide you with inspiration, detailed instruction and hands on help creating your very own magic filled crystal necklace. In this workshop we will be working with the classic love crystal, ROSE QUARTZ.


One of the most nurturing crystals in the crystal kingdom, we have yet to encounter a person who couldn’t benefit from Rose Quartz magic. We will give your creation lots of love and attention, creating a powerful bond and opening the space for personalized magic to manifest. You will learn how to care for your crystal necklace with cleansing, charging and programming techniques, an important part of being a crystal owner.

A heart chakra souvenir that will continue to stimulate love, compassion, and kindness long after the retreat. We are surrounded by powerful forms of medicince both inside the planet and on its surface. Using the two things together forms a beautiful combination of self healing.






Lily Bates is an artist, designer, world traveler, yogi, surfer, creative consultant, light worker and the owner of Sol Stoned. 

Lily has healed and transformed many lives with the her customized vibrational jewelry. People are drawn to her brightness — she lights up a space, shines light on peoples dark spots and has a natural gift for leaving other feeling freer. As a self made entrepreneur, Lily employs a team of creatives at her studio, which serves a production center, showroom, and office.

Lily lives in Jupiter, Florida, with her partner, Billy, and their dogs, Rebel, and Mookie. Instagram @lilaaaay and @solstonedjewlery

-Your Teachers-

The Yoga Culture’s Shannen Maher has paired up with Lily Bates to create an itinerary of yoga classes and surf lessons that are intended to allow you to open up, feel invigorated and energized even long after walking off the mat and out of the water. Because we believe so much in the power of intention and community, we know that gathering compatible souls is part of the recipe for igniting inspiration and empowerment. We’re here to guide you through your practice on the mat and in the ocean. It’s going to be a riot.

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