Costa Rica


October 30th-November 3th, 2020

Calling on all adventure seekers and curious souls who are looking to deepen their practice in a new environment and learn something new. Be EPIC, trust your heart and answer the call of the ocean as we dive head first into an exploration of the soul. Gather with like-minded humans. We’re coming together this fall with a focus on tuning in to our sense of self, jumping out of our comfort zones, and creating some really rad relationships in the mix of it all.

Surf, eat, yoga, repeat.



Our Destination:

Relax and let the hours slip away at our lagoon-like infinity pool, surrounded by wild tropical gardens. This little hideaway is just a 1 minute walk from the Malpais Beach and 2 minute drive from the bustling town of Santa Teresa, where you can find supermarkets, world-class surfing, boutique shops and an international dining scene. The lush mountainside location is on the edge of Cabo Blanco Natural Reserve, home to exotic animals and a secluded white sand beaches. Let’s do this.


Aqua Marine Crystal Workshop

Get crystallized, reconnect with Earth energy and refresh in the ocean on this soul surfing and searching retreat in Mal Pais, Costa Rica this October. You will be led by artist, and founder of Sol Stoned Jewelry, how to hand-wrap you own magic filled crystal bracelet. In this workshop we will provide you with an Aquamarine crystal and all the materials needed to macrame your very own, one-of-a kind, Sol Stoned bracelet. After you have created your bracelets, we will dive into Crystal Magic 101 and have fun experimenting with cleansing and charging rituals to discover which feel best for you and your Aquamarine. 

‘The gift of healing rests within everyone. It is not a gift given only to a few. It is your birthright as much as it is mine. Everyone can receive healing, and everyone can learn to heal. Every one can give healing to themselves and others.’ –Barbara Brennan, Light Emerging (Bantam Books, 1994)

Join us as we create a powerful bond and open the space for your personalized magic to manifest. A retreat souvenir that acts as a spiritual magnifying glass to peace, inspiration and hope. Wearing your Aquamarine gemstone will illuminate courage, open intuition, and protect unwanted forces. Wearing this bracelet during and after our retreat is a simple and effective way of tapping into your powerful healing energies. 

Lily Bates

Lily Bates

Lightwork + Artist

Lily is a light worker and artist from the sunshine state, Florida. She has boundless energy, a deep understanding for the world and is eager to share it with the others. Her lifestyle brand, Sol Stoned Jewelry, evokes vibrational healing, transformation and self love. Lily studied Yoga in Brazil and continues to practice on and off the matt. She loves cooking, surfing and just about anything under the sun.

Meet your teacher, The Yoga Culture’s Retreat Director, Shannen Maher, E-RYT. Shannen is a teacher, a writer, photographer and effervescent human from the always sunny California. On and off the mat, Shan loves to create and connect. Her classes are breath led movements that are deeply rooted in curiosity. She believes that the true foundation of yoga is breath and loves the idea of utilizing breath as a navigational tool. Shannen has been leading retreats since 2015 and we love having her on our team sharing, creating, and connecting with our community.

Your Itinerary

DAY 1:


Check in 3:00 PM
5:30 PM Gentle Flow
7:00 PM Fam Dinner

DAY 2:

Off the mat & into the water
7:00 AM Vinyasa Flow (emphasis on heart space & spine)
9:00 AM Fam Breakfast
Free time to explore the town, play at the beach or hang poolside
1:30 PM Intro to surf lesson with Lily
5:00 PM Partner Restorative workshop
7:00 PM Fam Dinner

DAY 3:

Soul Surfing
7:00 AM Sunrise Surf lesson w/ Lily
10:00 AM Fam breakfast
*Free time to explore, catch more waves or hang in the sun
1:00 PM Macrame Crystal healing workshop & Flow
5:00 PM Sunset Surf session (optional)
7:30 PM Fam Dinner

DAY 4:

Integrating experience
7:00 AM Sunrise surf session (optional)
9:00 AM Fam breakfast
1:00 PM Afternoon surf lesson w/ Lily
4:30 PM Yin Flow + manifestation workshop
7:00 PM Fam Dinner

DAY 5:

See ya later alligator
7:00 AM Sunrise Surf sesh (last time to get in the water together!!)
9:00 AM Final Flow
10:00 AM Fam Breakfast
12:00 PM checkout & goodbyes (lots of hugs too)

We are jazzed about this one, hope you are too