Our Classes.


The Yoga Culture believes that yoga is for every body. Our classes are tailored to meet anyone and everyone where they are at. On the good days and the not so good. The Yoga Culture offers a wide variety of yoga styles that are deeply rooted in the fundamental practices of breath and how it links us to movement.



All levels.

Our Hatha flow practice with ambiance and invigorating scents. The room becomes quite dim with a subtle
glow radiating from small tea light candles. This class is perfect for those that wish to dive even deeper into their own
personal practice as it gives room to express yourself as desired in each moment of the class.


All levels.

Fascia is calcified tissue within the body that can form over time. Some believe that there is no such thing as
flexibility – instead, there is too much fascia. When you break up the fascia you create more blood flow into
the areas of the body that were previous blocked off and/or closed. 
This class is designed to help you create
space and open pockets of the body that you might not have had access to. This practice will encourage you
to gently break open the fascia using various body work techniques and also incorporates the use of a unique
tool called myofascial balls.

Recommended for people who feel quite sore and for those who seek to restore the body as a whole.
Think of this class as a deep tissue massage! You will leave with that “loosey goosey” feeling.


Our all level Vinyasa practice. 

Vinyasa is considered to be a breath led synchronized movement style of class. We at TYC love to indulge in the
creative power that comes from our flow classes. Each time you step onto your mat be ready to experience something new!
This class is perfect for those who desire to explore and learn new ways to move the body. If you are new to the vinyasa
practice this class is a wonderful way to begin! Our teachers will offer modifications for each pose so you will feel grounded
and supported throughout your practice.


Vinyasa level 2.

A breath led movement class designed for those who have an established vinyasa practice. Here, our teachers will
lead you through explorative and invigorating sequences designed to expand your practice and prepare your body for
various transitions through asanas that require body awareness and presence. 
This class is perfect for those
who are curious in nature, have a playful heart and a desire to learn something new.


All levels.

A slow paced sequence that targets the connective tissue within the body. Poses are held anywhere between
5-10 minutes, giving your body time to simmer and the mind to find rest.  
This passive practice will leave you
feeling rejuvenated and at home within your body. We recommend this class for any style of practitioner.


All levels.

Hatha is inspired by two opposing forces that cultivate our human nature, this class encourages you to
approach each asana with more mindfulness. Our Hatha flow sequencing is designed to embody the idea
of duality. This practice will give you time to simmer in each pose so that the asanas integrate more efficiently
into the physical body. We highly recommend this class to any style of practitioner – new or seasoned.